About the Author

A student of world religion and a certified yoga instructor, Rabbi Sara Brandes was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary and lives in Northern Israel with her family, where she is a teacher, writer and spiritual practitioner. During the summers, she returns to her native California where she continues to serve as Rabbi-in-Residence at Camp Alonim of the American Jewish University, and a member of the National Training Faculty for Moving Traditions. Rabbi Brandes visits the States several times a year, where she serves as a scholar-in-residence and teacher of Jewish spirituality. She blogs regularly on the Times of Israel and at www.herisrael.com.

A Note from the Author:

Magical World describes my experience, and I just couldn’t keep quiet about it any longer. For me, the world is magical. Angels abound, and I wanted to tell you about it.

Magical World is my rage against the tyranny of my own rational mind and the collective contract our world has made with the rational, crowning it king and letting it rule over us. With this work, I take back that crown from that unworthy king, whose rule renders the land dry and flat. My world is textured and glorious. It is magical, and I couldn’t resist saying so any longer.

From time immemorial, human communities have created rules and categories with which to govern ourselves - little boxes for us to climb inside of - that give us a sense of control over our uncontrollable lives. Those people who don’t fit in a box neatly suffer until they find the courage to break free, to be who they are in spite of the constructs we’ve imposed. And once they do, they are glorious. They have done battle for their right to be who they are. The battle refines them, and as a result, they are radiant. With this book, I have committed myself to speaking my truth freely and without apology. It is sweet liberation, and Magical World is my celebration of it.

I hope you’ll chose to read it. I hope it moves you, and if it does, I hope you’ll choose to share that with me. I hope it connects you to your own story and to the ways that the world is magical for you too.